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PSI-PMI Add-On Endorsements
A Path to a Rewarding Career

MS Science & Mathematics

#1 Physics Teacher Producer in the U.S.

NJCTL has become the #1 producer of physics teachers in the country and a leading producer of chemistry teachers. NJCTL has also become the leading U.S. producer of free, editable course materials. NJCTL training engages a racially and gender diverse pool of teachers who can serve as role models for their students. And perhaps most importantly, previously underserved schools that have adopted NJCTL have become leaders in STEM achievement.

Why Get An Add-On Endorsement?

There is a severe shortage of STEM teachers in America. The physics teacher holds the key to our understanding of the universe and is a student's path to understanding the complexities and wonder of science, and one of the most essential components of an effective high school faculty. Endorsement as a physics teacher opens the door to this rewarding career.