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Progressive Science Initiative® (PSI®) - Progressive Mathematics Initiative® (PMI®)


Audio/Video Media 

Virtual Tour of PSI-PMI Schools
Join NJCTL as we take a look inside various schools in New Jersey and The Gambia who are using PSI-PMI.

NJ Center for Teaching and Learning Helps Fill NJ's Physics Teacher Gap
Rosemary Knab, Director of Research and Partnerships at the NJ Center for Teaching and Learning, discusses the physics teacher shortage in New Jersey and how NJCTL is helping fill that gap in cities across the state.

PSI at Bergen Vo-Tech Teterboro
PSI algebra-based physics was created by Bob Goodman at Bergen County Vocational Technical School in Teterboro. Learn about the journey to create PSI.

Trenton Student Addresses White House Commission about PSI
Representatives of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans visit Trenton schools to learn about the adoption of PSI

PMI K-8 Egg Harbor City
Egg Harbor City - a small rural school K-8 district in NJ -  adopts PMI for all students.

PSI Physics Jersey City
Jersey City graduates of the PSI physics teacher endorsement program provide opportunities for all students to learn physics.

Overview of PSI and PMI 2014
Learn about NJCTL's remarkable growth and expansion of NJCTL's signature programs -  PSI and PMI.

NJCTL for IMS Final
IMS Global Learning Consortium recognizes NJCTL for opening access to high quality STEM course content to teachers around the world.

A Journey to Improve Teaching and Learning in the Gambia
The World Bank, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, Smart Technologies and NJCTL collaborate to improve STEM learning in the Gambia with PSI-PMI.

The Gambia National Television Broadcast on PSI-PMI
The positive impact of PSI-PMI on Gambian students is broadcast to citizens of the Gambia.

NEA Priority Schools –NJCTL Progressive Science Initiative creates physics teachers
NEA recognizes the first graduates of the PSI physics teacher endorsement program.

Bob Goodman MOJO Radio Interview - Mar 7, 2016

Bob Goodman discusses new ways for students in the US and South Africa to be successful in STEM  http://njc.tl/radio

Bob Goodman TURN Talk: An Innovative Strategy for Science and Mathematics Education
Bob Goodman discusses an innovative strategy for teaching Math and Science, including a flipped curriculum and social-constructivist pedagogy.

Bob Goodman TURN Talk: Eliminate Aptitude Testing Tracking
Improve student success for all kids by eliminating aptitude-based tracks that separate students based on their middle school experiences.

Bob Goodman TURN Talk: The Foundational Role of Physics in Science and Math Education
The sequence of courses in the US science curriculum was set in 1892. Bob Goodman discusses a successful strategy for the Science and Math sequence.

Bob Goodman TURN Talk: Resources for Implementing a Proven Math and Science Pedagogy
Bob Goodman discusses how to implement the Progressive Science Initiative and the Progressive Mathematics Initiative and where to find more resources.

Robert Goodman: New Jersey Physics/Math Program
Robert Goodman speaks at the AXL Education Conference in Salt Lake City about the development of PSI and PMI in NJ.

SMART Speaker Series: Improving Student Results Through the Progressive Teaching InitiativeBob Goodman describes the Progressive Teaching Initiative, a successful approach to transforming education.