Mar 09, 2015

Trenton leads the way in adoption of PSI-PMI

On the heels of a remarkable 1st year implementation of PSI-PMI in Trenton, the Trenton Education Association, Trenton school district administration and a Trenton physics teacher were invited to present an overview of their partnership to implement PSI-PMI in Trenton at the National Education Association Leadership Summit in Anaheim CA.

TEA president Naomi LaFleur, Trenton Chief Academic Officer Dr. Kendra Johnson and physics teacher Nicole Hamlet described the challenges and positive impact their partnership is having on Trenton students.

Plans continue to be ambitious. During the first year, the district enrolled 17 teachers in CTL’s Physics endorsement program, changed the science sequence to physics-chemistry-biology, and scheduled incoming freshman to take physics during the 2014-15 school year. In addition, TEA provided funding for CTL to do in-class training with teachers with funding provided by a NEA grant. TEA also used grant funds to support training of all math and science middle school teachers in PSI-PMI.

The district is now funding five teachers to participate in CTL’s chemistry endorsement program, making it possible for sophomores to take Chemistry in the fall.

Everyone is on board to the support the program – the teachers, the students, the association and the administration.

The result: classrooms are vibrant, student are engaged, and a strong connection has been made between math and science. The parties all agree – PSI-PMI is leveling the playing field for Trenton students to be well prepared for college.

See the video below to learn more about their journey.

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