Sep 25, 2015

PSI-PMI K-12 Course Material Updates

PSI K-12 Science

AP Physics

In 2014, The College Board changed AP Physics B to AP Physics 1 and 2. The PSI AP Physics 1 course was written last summer and piloted by Bergen Tech and other schools across the country (see Bergen County Technical School, birthplace of PSI Physics, Tops Lists of Nation’s Best Schools” for results). The AP Physics team completed the AP Physics 2 course this summer and made significant updates to AP Physics C. Videos will be added to the AP Physics 1 and 2 course materials this fall.

K-8 Science and Chemistry

PSI K-8 science materials were updated this summer with an ongoing emphasis on problem solving and integrating Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M) in applicable science content. Nuclear chemistry was integrated into the first unit of Chemistry to better align to Next Generation Science Standards and provide a seamless transition from Algebra-Based Physics to Chemistry.

PMI K-12 Math

In order to better align with the Common Core Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) testing, PMI writers continue to add sample questions across the math courses in all grade levels. In addition, videos about the PARCC exam have been created to explain tools students will use to take the test, highlight issues that might cause students difficulty, i.e., how to make sure the calculator is in the correct mode (degree or radian) to answer a question, or how to explain the notation used when writing an open-ended proof.

While updating the presentations across multiple grades and courses, writers included math practice standards through questioning and discussions. These standards are cited in the presentation and unit plan across multiple grade levels and courses.


The newly revamped course begins with a story and a bit of ancient history to engage the students and excite them about the useful applications of Geometry. The new, more rigorous course aligns directly with the CCSS and provides a deeper understanding of the material through the use of proofs, constructions, lab activities, and WebQuests.  Released PARCC questions are included throughout the course.

Grades 6-8 & Algebra I

The transition to CCSS-M has resulted in major grade-level content shifts. PMI continues to improve CCSS alignment that ensures students who began CCSS in grades 7 or higher do not miss out on important content, while also preventing unnecessarily repetition in each grade level.

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