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Oct 26, 2021

NJEA Convention 2021



We hope to see you at the NJEA Convention November 4-5.

Visit us at booth #1400.

To attend one of the in-person workshops we will be presenting, 

click here for information on how to sign up.

We look forward to seeing you!


Thursday 10:30-11:45

Title: Remediate Learning Loss in Science and Mathematics with NJCTL

Description: NJCTL’s free resources can help all students emerge strong from the pandemic in mathematics and science. Learn how resources for both small and whole group settings can remediate learning loss.

Presenter: Ian Fallstich


Thursday 12:15-1:30

Title: Building Success in Middle School Science and Beyond 

Description: Discover new ways to build student competencies in middle school science that will prepare for high school. NJCTL has free materials including presentations, videos, and assessments at www.njctl.org 

Presenters: Melissa Axelsson and Charisse Miglis


Thursday 2:00-3:15

Title: Increase Enrollment and/or Outcomes in AP Science, Calculus, Computer Science 

Description: The website www.njctl.org provides free College Board approved AP resources. Discover how to effectively use them. Learn about online teacher courses designed for teaching AP Science courses.  

Presenters: Bob Goodman and Ian Fallstich


Tech Showcase - Thursday 2-2:50

Title: Resources for STEM Student Engagement Whether You’re Remote or Face-to-Face

Description: PSI®-PMI® are technology-rich, web-based curricula that integrate presentations, OER, formative and summative assessments.  Learn how to integrate NJCTL materials into resources such as Pear Deck, Google Forms, OneNote and Jamboard.

Presenter: Audra Crist


Friday 10:30-11:45

Title: Seamlessly Integrate Technology into any K-12 Mathematics Classroom

Description: NJCTL’s free digital materials seamlessly integrate technology, virtual labs, and assessment into its Progressive Mathematics Initiative® (PMI®) for K-12 mathematics. All resources are available for free use: www.njctl.org.  

Presenters: Audra Crist and Melissa Axelsson


Friday 12:15-1:30

Title: Helping Children Emerge Strong for Both Parents and Teachers

Description: NJCTL’s free resources can help all students emerge strong from the pandemic in mathematics and science. Materials will help parents as well as give teachers resources to share with parents. 

Presenter: Susan Olszewski

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