Sep 25, 2015

NJCTL Director Emeritus Tim Panebianco Takes on New Role to Impact Student Learning

Tim Public Tim Sept 2015Panebianco was technically the first full-time NJCTL employee, having signed his contract 5 minutes before Executive Director Bob Goodman. Since that time, he has been the go-to-guy for all things PSI-PMI. If you have ever participated in an endorsement course, used the website, or needed help in a classroom chances are you have interacted with the ever pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable Tim. This fall, Tim, or rather Mr. Panebianco, will be taking on a new challenge as a full-time classroom teacher. Fortunately, Tim will continue working with NJCTL as Director Emeritus, so help from him (within reason) is still an email away.

How long did you work full-time for NJCTL?

Just shy of 6 years (5 years, 10 months).

What were your primary roles and responsibilities at NJCTL?

This evolved over my time at NJCTL. Initially, I focused on coordinating our endorsement programs and working with candidates in the field. Later, my work grew to also include supporting our programs throughout NJ, coordinating NJCTL's website and technology, and helping to manage other aspects of NJCTL's operations.

What did you enjoy most about the work?

I really enjoyed working with teachers and administrators to bring physics to their students. Many times, these very same students would have never had access to physics so this was particularly rewarding.

Where are you teaching next year (we promise not to stalk you)?

Glen Ridge High School

What courses will you be teaching?

AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2

Will you use PSI in your classroom?

Yes! I definitely plan on using PSI in my classroom. I really believe in the curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment strategies employed by the program. I'm so thankful to the team at CTL for leading the way and creating the PSI AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 courses.

What are your big takeaways from working for NJCTL?

I've learned about the importance of collaboration. I plan on connecting frequently with other physics teachers that I've met through my work at the Center to compare notes.

What you are most looking forward to?

While I've been working over the last six years with teachers and administrators, I look forward to having the opportunity to work with students.

Welcome New Employees

Audra Crist, Math Curriculum Writer: Audra is an experienced high school math teacher who will be leading the development of PMI high school math content. She has been instrumental in directing the Algebra and Geometry course re-writes and continuously improving PMI materials.

Josef Kariuki, Program Manager: Josef is a Teach for America alum, experienced PSI teacher and high school science triple threat - certified to teach physics, chemistry and biology. He will be training new physics and chemistry teachers in the US and abroad, assisting classroom teachers and contributing to curriculum development.

Korey Peterson, Program Manager: Korey is an experienced PSI teacher and high school science triple threat. She has been a lead curriculum writer for biology and chemistry and will be providing training, in-class support and managing high school science content.

Anthony Chen, Chief Technology Officer: Anthony has a very strong academic and industry background and an interest in improving STEM education in the US. In June 2009, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. While at MIT and until 2010, he worked with VMware. From 2010 until joining NJCTL, he served as Senior Software Engineer at Carbonite.

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