Mar 14, 2015

CTL announces a K-12 physics strand connecting NGSS and CCSS math, improving both

Speaking at the Spring Meeting of the New Jersey chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers (NJAAPT), CTL’s Executive Director, Dr. Robert Goodman, presented the idea of creating a K-12 physics strand that connects the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards for mathematics. A synopsis of Dr. Goodman’s presentation is below. Click here to view Dr. Goodman's presentation.

Presentation synopsis:

All states and countries are attempting to raise achievement in mathematics and science in order to improve social justice and international competitiveness; opening STEM career paths for all students. It was hoped that NGSS would address that need, but they do not due to serious gaps in content and weak connections to mathematics and problem solving: a problem recognized by authors of the NGSS. Mathematically rigorous physics, delivered with the PSI instructional paradigm, is the missing element that allows the NGSS to deliver on what educators had hoped for. PSI intertwines curriculum, pedagogy and assessment in a way which is welcoming to all K-12 students. It makes visible to them the rich connections between science and mathematics while building their skills in analytical thinking and problem solving: the keys to all STEM careers.

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