Lesotho Algebra II Course

Units (select a unit)

  • Overview of Functions
    Function Basics
    Domain and Range
    Operations with Functions
    Composite Functions
    Piecewise Functions
    Parent Functions
    Transformations of Functions
    Symmetry of Functions
    Intro to Inverse Functions
    Applications of Inverse Functions
  • Linear & Absolute Value Functions
    Linear Function Review
    Systems of Linear Equations
    Solving Systems of Equations in 3 Variables
    One Variable Inequalities
    Two Variable Inequalities
    Absolute Value Eq & Ineq
    Absolute Value Functions
    Transformations w/ Abs Value Functions
  • Quadratic Equations & Complex Numbers
    Solving Quadratic Equations
    Solving Quad. Eq w/ Quad. Formula
    Solving Application Problems
    Imaginary Numbers
    Complex Numbers
    Solving Quad. Eq w/ Complex Ans
  • Quadratic Functions
    Graph of Quadratic Functions
    - Standard Form
    - Intercept Form
    - Vertex Form
    Average Rate of Change
    Modeling w/ Quadratics
  • Polynomial Functions
    Operations w/ Polynomials Review
    Dividing Polynomials by a Polynomial
    Remainder Th & Factor Th
    Finding Zeros of Polynomials
    Analyzing Graphs & Tables of Polynomials
    Even & Odd Polynomial Functions
    Multiplicity, Zeros & Graph
    Writing a Polynomial from Its Zeros
    Modeling w/ Polynomials
  • Rational Functions
    Joint & Inverse Variation
    Simplifying Rational Expressions
    Multiplying & Dividing Rational Expressions
    Adding & Subtracting Rational Expressions
    Solving Rational Equations
    Graphing Reciprocal Function & Transformations
    Graphing General Functions


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