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Integrated Math II Course


This course is the second of a three year sequence where topics from Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II are integrated between the three years. Topics are aligned with the Common Core's suggestions for integrated courses.


Units for Integrated Math II:

Exponential Functions


Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Equations & Complex Numbers

Non-Linear Functions


Similar Triangles and Trigonometry

Congruent Triangles


Analytic Geometry


Area of Figures

3D Geometry





Brian Ruhmann • 2 years, 4 months agologin to reply

According to the implementation plan, this unit should include circles and analytic geometry, but there are no links to the units above. Please clarify. Also there is no way, using the pacing that the implementation plan by my calculations will fit into standard 4 quarter (9 week) school year. Please clarify

Audra Crist • 2 years, 4 months agologin to reply

Dear Brian Ruhmann, Thank you for your comment. Originally, the Analytic Geometry and Circles units were placed in Integrated Math III. With the time provided to complete each of them, and the knowledge requirement of Analytic Geometry in Quadrilaterals, Area of Figures, and 3D solids, the Analytic Geometry unit has been added to this course. The Circles unit has been removed from the Integrated II Year Long Plan, and has been added to the Integrated III Year Long Plan. The links to these units have also be updated in the Integrated II and Integrated III courses, respectfully. Download updated copies of the Integrated II & Integrated III Year Long plans, at your earliest convenience. Please let us know if any questions arise. Kind regards, Audra

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