8th Grade Math Course

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Units (select a unit)

  • Numbers and Operations 8th Grade
    Operations w/ Integers & Rational #s
    Repeating Decimals to Fractions
    Exp, Squares, Sq Roots and Perfect Sq
    Squares of Numbers Greater than 20
    Simplifying Perfect Sq Radicals
    Approximating Square Roots
    Rational, Irrational & Real #s
    Properties of Exponents
  • 2D Geometry
    Congruence & Similarity
    Special Pairs of Angles
    Remote Exterior Angles
  • Equations with Roots and Radicals
    Radical Expressions Containing Variables
    Simplifying Non-Perfect Square Radicands
    Simplifying Roots of Variables
    Solving Equations with Perfect Square & Cube Roots
  • Pythagorean Theorem, Distance & Midpoint
    Pythagorean Theorem
    Distance Formula
  • Scientific Notation
    Purpose of Scientific Notation
    Writing #s in Scientific Notation
    Converting between Scientific Notation and Standard Form
    Comparing #s in Scientific Notation
    Multiply & Divide w/ Scientific Notation
    Add & Subtract w/ Scientific Notation
  • Solving Equations
    Rev: Two-Step Equations
    Multi-step Equations
    Solving Eq that Contain Fractions
    Eq w/ Same Variable on Both Sides
    Comparing Expressions w/ the Same Variable
    Writing & Solving Algebraic Eq
    Translating & Solving Consecutive Integer Problems
    Transforming Formulas
  • Graphing Linear Equations
    Linear Equations
    Graphing Linear Eq Using Intercepts
    Horizontal and Vertical Lines
    Slope of a Line
    Slope and Similar Triangles
    Point-Slope Form
    Slope-Intercept Form
    Proportional Relationships
    Solving Linear Equations
  • Systems of Linear Equations-8th grade
    Solving Systems by Graphing
    Solving Systems by Substitution
    Solving Systems by Elimination
    Choosing a Strategy
    Writing Systems to Model Situations
  • Modeling Relationships
    Interpreting with Functions
    Analyzing a Graph
    Comparing Different Representations of Functions
  • Functions
    Relationships and Functions
    Domain and Range
    Vertical Line Test
    Linear vs. Non-Linear
  • Data
    Two Variable Data
    Line of Best Fit
    Determining the Prediction Equation
    Two Way Table
  • 3D Geometry
    3-Dimensional Solids
    Volume: Prisms & Cylinders
    Volume: Pyramids, Cones & Spheres


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