7th Grade Math Course

Units (select a unit)

  • Numbers and Operations 7th Grade
    Natural & Whole #s
    Addition, Subtraction & Integers
    Addition & Subtraction of Integers
    Multiplication & Division of Integers
    Operations w/ Rational #s (all 4)
    Converting Rational #s to Decimals
    Real Numbers
  • Expressions 7th Grade
    Mathematical Expressions
    Order of Operations
    The Distributive Property
    Like Terms
    Translating Words into Expressions
    Evaluating Expressions
  • Equations & Inequalities 7th Grade
    One Step Equations
    Two Step Equations
    Multi-Step Equations
    Distributing Fractions in Eq
    Writing & Solving Algebraic Eq
    Graphing & Writing Inequalities
    Simple Ineq: Addition & Subtraction
    Simple Ineq: Multiplication & Division
  • Ratios & Proportions
    Writing Ratios
    Equivalent Ratios
    Direct & Indirect Relationships
    Constant of Proportionality
    Writing Equations for Proportions
    Understanding Graphs of Proportions
    Problem Solving
    Scale Drawings & Similar Figures
  • Percents
    Relating Fractions, Decimals & %s
    Three Types of Percent Problems
    Percent of Change
    Representing % Eq Algebraically
    Applied Percent of Decrease
    Applied Percent of Increase
    Real-life Application Problems
  • Drawing Geometric Figures
    Determining if a Triangle is Possible (i.e. Triangle Inequality)
    Geometric Constructions: The Basics
  • 2D Geometry
    Special Pairs of Angles
    Perimeter & Circumference
    Area of Rectangles
    Area of Parallelograms
    Area of Triangles
    Area of Trapezoids
    Area of Circles
    Mixed Review
    Area of Irregular Figures
    Area of Shaded Regions
  • 3D Geometry
    3D Solids
    Cross Sections of 3D Figures
    Volume: Prisms & Cylinders
    Volume: Pyramids, Cones & Spheres
    Surface Area – Prisms
    Surface Area – Pyramids
    Surface Area – Cylinders
    Surface Area – Spheres
  • Statistics & Probability
    Introduction to Probability
    Experimental and Theoretical
    Word Problems
    Probability of Compound Events
    Measures of Center
    Measures of Variation
    Mean Absolute Deviation


Karen Gunn • 4 years, 3 months agologin to reply

Do you have a final exam?

Audra Crist • 4 years, 3 months agologin to reply

Dear Ms. Gunn, Thank you for your comment. Yes, we have a final exam for all of our courses. It can be found in the "Implementation Resource" category, just above the comments section. Kind regards, Audra

Joseph Odom • 4 years, 2 months agologin to reply

The Grade 7 Year plan does not include the Equations and Inequalities Chapter.

Audra Crist • 4 years, 2 months agologin to reply

Dear Mr. Odom, Thank you for your comment. The Year Long Plan has been updated. It includes both chapters on "Expressions" and "Equations & Inequalities". Kind regards, Audra

Mary OSullivan • 2 years, 10 months agologin to reply

Expressions Unit...Slide 56. Check the denominator of the expression. 7 - 8 isn't equal to 2...

Katie Johnson • 2 years, 10 months agologin to reply

Hi Mary - Thanks so much for your comment. You are absolutely correct, and I have corrected the error and reuploaded the file to our website. We appreciate the feedback! Katie

Dana Brooks Brown • 2 years, 1 month agologin to reply

Is there a 7th grade vocabulary list?

Audra Crist • 2 years, 1 month agologin to reply

Dear Dana Brooks Brown, Thank you for your comment. Currently, there is not a separate file that lists all of the vocabulary words in our 7th grade mathematics course. However, we do have Glossaries at the end of each presentation. These slides are designed to be shown during instruction. They can also be printed out and hung up in classrooms. Would printing these slides work for you? Or do you need a separate file (as shown in 6th grade mathematics)? If a separate file was to be made, is there a date that you needed the file to be completed? Our math team is currently working on getting our MS & HS units recorded for online courses. We could have this task done by the start of the school year, if needed. Kind regards, Audra

Dana Brooks Brown • 2 years agologin to reply

It would be terrific to have a separate file of vocabulary words ( as shown in 6th grade math). Thanks so much!

Deb Yoast • 1 year, 11 months agologin to reply

On the first unit, none of the LAB links are working. I recall last year, this was the issue on a lot of the units' LABs. Thanks!

Audra Crist • 1 year, 11 months agologin to reply

Dear Deb Yoast, Thank you for your comment. The lab links in Unit 1 have been fixed. Please let us know if others are not working properly, and we can get them updated. RAFT is currently transitioning their labs from their old website to their new site. For the time being, any labs from them starting with www.raftbayarea.org can be clicked on, and then one can change the URL slightly to the revised URL, which is old.raftbayarea.org. For example, the original URL for the Above & Below Zero! lab was: http://www.raftbayarea.org/ideas/Above%20and%20Below%20Zero%20Game.pdf And the new URL for this lab (was updated) is: http://old.raftbayarea.org/ideas/Above%20and%20Below%20Zero%20Game.pdf Kind regards, Audra

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