Jun 16, 2015

Scholarship Opportunity for NJ Teachers Seeking Physics Certification

mff logoCTL offers an effective pathway for New Jersey certified teachers to gain endorsement in physics.

The Morgridge Family Foundation (MFF), who has been a strong supporter of CTL for many years, is offering several scholarships for teachers interested in becoming physics certified through the upcoming physics endorsement programs held at Bergen Technical Schools in Teterboro or Gateway Regional High School in Woodbury Heights.

This limited number of scholarships are available to those not would not otherwise be receiving financial support from a school or school district. MFF would provide a scholarship, up to $6,000, towards tuition and student polling devices to make it possible for these teachers to earn their endorsement and be equipped in their classrooms.

The deadline for scholarship applications is June 22nd.

Classes start as early as June 29. View course schedules and the entire endorsement process here. Please note that there is fieldwork required, in the form of teaching at least one PSI Algebra-based Physics course in your school.

 Application Process

Those interested can apply for the scholarship by completing CTL's application process, and submitting an answer to the following essay question in 500 words or less, "Why do you want to earn an endorsement to teach physics?".

The application can be found here. Please note that transcripts do not need to be received by the deadline.

Completed essay responses can be sent to courses@njctl.org.

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