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Mathematics K-12 Endorsement Program

This 38-credit program provides currently certified New Jersey teachers, in any subject area, an endorsement to teach Mathematics K-12 through a combination of Online Courses for Teachers, Field Experience Courses, and Praxis examination(s). This program is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and provides all the required instruction in both mathematics content and teaching methods.

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Mathematics K-12 Program of Study

Phase II

Complete in fall, teach one section of PMI Mathematics K-12 to students while receiving online coaching and support from NJCTL.

Phase III

Complete in spring, teach one section of PMI Mathematics K-12 to students while receiving online coaching and support from NJCTL.

Phase IV

Complete coursework in preparation to take the Mathematics Content Knowledge Praxis. After passing the mandatory Praxis exam, candidates apply to the New Jersey Department of Education for endorsement.

Program Total

Credits: 38

NJCTL Tuition: $5,700

100% Online and Asynchronous Courses

Teachers can start and complete courses anytime, anywhere at their own pace.

Certified Teachers of Any Discipline May Enroll

Certified teachers of any subject area or grade level may enroll. No prior mathematics or science background required.

Teachers Begin Teaching in Their New Subject Area in The Fall

After completing the first phase of their program (under 12 credits), teachers begin teaching in their new subject area using the free, editable NJCTL course materials from which they just learned, while being coached and taking more advanced courses in that subject.

NJEA Members

NJEA Members receive a 20% discount on NJCTL tuition.

Tuition Lock

Participants enrolled in NJCTL programs will never experience a tuition increase during their program enrollment.


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Course Catalog

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