PHYS6601 Learning and Teaching PSI Algebra-Based Physics 2019-20


This introductory course is for teachers to learn the content of PSI Algebra-Based Physics and how to teach that course to students. This is a mathematically rigorous physics course that reinforces student knowledge of algebra as applied to one dimensional physics problems, while providing the foundation for studying advanced physics, chemistry, and biology.  Topics include mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves, and modern physics.

Prerequisite: None

Course Format

The first 15 modules of this course all contain a short answer assignment, a quiz, a lab, and a module exam. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with each of the short answer assignment’s grading rubric. Each module also contains practice problems, videos, and interactives to facilitate your learning. In module 16, you’ll be writing a reflection paper about what you’ve learned in the course and completing a comprehensive final exam.

Number of Credits: 6

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Teacher: John Ennis
Teacher: Laura Muller
Teacher: Peter Newman
Teacher: Calvin Proctorio
Teacher: Yuriy Zavorotniy

Course Syllabus
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Tuition: $10

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