Statistics and Probability Course

This section links together the PMI units that cover the Common Core Domain SP (Statistics and Probability). It also lists the sections in each unit, along with the Common Core Standards covered.


Statistics – Sixth Grade
• Measures of Center (Mean, Median, Mode) 6.SP.1 & 6.SP.5
• Central Tendency Application Problems 6.SP.5
• Measures of Variation 6.SP.3
• Data Displays 6.SP.2
• Frequency Tables and Histograms 6.SP.4
• Box-and-Whisker Plots 6.SP.4
• Dot Plots 6.SP.4
• Analyzing Data Displays 6.SP.2


Probability – Seventh Grade
• Sampling 7.SP.1 & 7.SP.2
• Comparing Two Populations 7.SP.3 & 7.SP.4
• Introduction to Probability 7.SP.5
• Experimental and Theoretical 7.SP.6
• Word Problems 7.SP.7
• Fundamental Counting Principle 7.SP.8
• Permutations and Combinations 7.SP.8
• Probability of Compound Events7.SP.8
• Properties of Mutually Exclusive and Overlapping Events 7.SP.8
• Complementary Events 7.SP.8


Data – Eighth Grade
• Two Variable Data 8.SP.1
• Line of Best Fit 8.SP.2
• Determining the Prediction Equation 8.SP.3
• Two Way Table 8.SP.4


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