Ratios and Proportions Course

This section links together the PMI units that cover the Common Core Domain RP (Ratios and Proportions). It also lists the sections in each unit, along with the Common Core Standards covered.


Ratios, Proportions & Percents – Sixth Grade
• Writing Ratios & Equivalent Ratios 6.RP1
• Rates & Unit Rates 6.RP.2
• Converting Unit Rates 6.RP.3
• Relationships Between Tables & Graphs
• Percents 6.RP.3
• Using Ratios to Convert Measurements 6.RP.3


Ratios & Proportions – Seventh Grade
• Writing Ratios 7.RP.2
• Equivalent Ratios 7.RP.2
• Rates 7.RP.1
• Proportions7.RP.2
• Direct & Indirect Relationships in Tables & Graphs 7.RP.2
• Constant of Proportionality 7.SP.2
• Writing Equations for Proportions7.RP.2
• Understanding Graphs of Proportions 7.RP.2
• Problem Solving 7.RP.2


Percents – Seventh Grade
• Relating Fractions, Decimals and Percents 7.RP.3
• Three Types of Percents Problems 7.RP.3
• Percent of Change 7.RP.3


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